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12th-Sep-2010 03:36 am - Still here
Hey you guys

I know my journal isn't one of the most active ones. That is because
1. I don't know what to write about me that wouldn't bore people to death
2. College just started and I'm busy being a good student... and stuff xD

Let's start with college
College what can I say? Hmm ... it's 2 weeks now and I feel like crap. I don't like waking up so early in the morning xD I don't like spending my time with people I dislike - which is half of my class. But I gotta go
We have this project where we found a company. There are 13 people in my group and I'm really, really excited about this whole experience. We will found this company for real. And we have to earn money so we can produce our product. I hope it's gonna be a cool product xD And maybe we'll make some money out of it lol
I have to give 2 good ideas for a product until 6 pm. It's now 3.30am and I have no clue what to do -.- I have one idea, but I don't think that's all that good. As a Marketing student, I should be deeply ashamed of myself right now. But I can't be anything remade, has to be new. Well ... I gotta figure something out I suppose.

Then there is life. Nothing new about that. I need a job, I run out of money -.- and love is nowhere in sight *sighs* Maybe it's for the best. Men just cause trouble, right? At least that's what I say to myself most of the times when I start to feel pretty lonely.

Some exciting news are: i'm gonna be a godmother <3 My best friend is pregnant and she asked me and I said yes. I hope it's gonna be a little baby girl, but she would be SO spoiled xD Who am I kidding? The baby is going to be spoiled either way

Sooo ... that's it for now I guess. Have a good sunday y'all.
12th-Jul-2010 04:23 am - My icon & where its from
Thanks to the very lovely andkatewaslike I FINALLY know where my icon is from lol

It's from "Jojo in the stars" and my icon guy is some of the bad boys xDD
But OMG this clip/movie is so sad =/

You can see the scene at 8:56 .. isn't he a sweetheart? Damn I really have no life. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this lol
But so many people have asked me before ...

16th-Feb-2010 08:46 am - Icooons & stuff
I was soo eager to post them xD Probably not my best, but some people wanted me to share. So I share xD
(now LJ is hating on me with the damn formatting, please don't kill me)

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26th-Jan-2010 12:11 am - Hello world xD

Sooo, this is my very first blog on LJ. I dunno what I should write about myself.
I'm from Germany, but all my blogs will be in English. I hope I don't make too many mistakes xD

Currently, I'm studying in the Netherlands. It's really awesome... and a lot of work. 2. Semester is about to start soon.

I love movies, I'm a sucker for horror movies. And I'm a HUGE RDJ fan. He is amazing <3
My favorite tv-shows are: Skins (totally love Effy), Dexter, Mercy (because of Michelle Trachtenberg), The Tudors, House ...
I love a lot of movies. I don't really have favorites, but I love Iron Man very much. Can't wait for the Sequel.

I think a lot of my friends think of me as hyperactive and sometimes a little confused. I'm in my own world from time to time, but I like to think of me as a nice, cheerful person who likes to talk too much.

Well, this is it

... your cookie
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